Hygiene and Corrosion Control Group

CREST has developed and licensed several coating technologies including hygienic paints, acoustic dampening coatings and inorganic hybrid coatings. Industrial applications of these technologies include hospitals, automotive and aerospace (leading edge). CREST is currently involved in projects with companies such as  Henkel (Irl, Ger, US), EADS (Ger), Saab (Swe), Dassault (Fr), Alenia Aermacchi (It), General Paints (Irl), and Fleetwood Sherwin Williams (Irl), C & F Automotive (Irl), Bombardier (UK), Metal Improvement Company (Irl), Graph Engineering (Irl) and Galco (Irl).

Hygiene Control

CREST has been researching hygienic coatings since 2005 and has expertise in the design of antimicrobial additives and coatings for applications in both healthcare and community environments. From antibacterial paints to biofilm-inhibiting ceramic coatings, CREST has exploited silver based chemistry in the fight against MRSA, E.Coli, Pseudomonas and C. Difficile. More recently organic compounds have been synthesised with both antibacterial and anticorrosion capabilities. While some of this work has been published, licences with Irish companies have also been agreed.

Licensed Technology

CREST has developed and licensed a range of hygienic paints to Colourtrend, an Irish paint manufacturer based in Co. Kildare. The product range is called HYGEN. HYGEN Ultra offers its users an advanced technology to actively fight destructive microbes on a large number of surfaces and has been evaluated under clinical trials in live hospital environments. The active ingredient is a patented technology which in the presence of moisture, releases silver ions in a controlled manner thereby imparting antibacterial properties, inhibiting the growth and subsequent colonisation of bacteria.

AFM Image of degraded P. Aeruginosa

Destruction of P. aeruginosa by organic compounds synthesised in CREST

HYGEN Ultra has been independently certified for durability and coverage properties to British Standard BS 13 300 (EN 13 300 equivalent) and tested for antibacterial activity using the international Japanese standard, JISZ2801 against clinical strains of MRSA HYGEN Ultra is designed for coating surfaces where hygiene is critical, these areas include: operating theatres, hospital patient areas, nursing homes, food service, manufacturing and packaging areas, pharmaceutical laboratories, childcare facilities, assisted care facilities and any area which requires additional defence against bacterial growth.

Corrosion Control

With more than two decades of experience in protective coatings, CREST has formulated and specified paints for various applications. Most notably, CREST was involved in providing full technical advice on the recent refurbishment of the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin.

In terms of research CREST has a patent pending on a sol-gel coating that can be used as a pre-treatment and/or primer. The coating is considerably thinner (<5mm) and lighter than chromium free primers (50mm) which reduces the amount of fuel consumed by commercial aircraft, leading to cost savings of approximately €63,800 for a typical commuter jet. The technology, called Dualion, has been showcased at various international conferences and is currently licensed to an Irish company operating in the automotive sector.

Group Members

The current group is led by Dr. Brendan Duffy (Group Manager, bduffy@dit.ie), Michael Whelan, Swarna Jaiswal, Garrett Melia , Craig Hicks and Killian Barton. The group also enjoys strong working links with the staff in the College of Sciences and Health, including Prof. Declan McCormack, Prof. John Cassidy and Dr. Gráinne Hargaden in the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dr. Paddy McHale in the School of Biological Sciences.

Cross-section of the Dualion coating as part of a full aerospace coating system


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