Felicia Mutuma

Research Scientist

Felicia Mutuma holds a BSc in Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry (Hon 1.1) obtained from Dublin Institute of Technology. While studying for her degree Felicia undertook different projects including a project with CREST where she created a library of paint components and analysed paints using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. She also worked on enantioselective organo-catalysis in the Royal College of Surgeons for her final year project. After completion of her studies Felicia worked at Henkel Duesseldorf where she worked on light metals surface treatment and research and development on a plasma electrolytic deposition process.

Felicia is currently studying for a PhD with the CREST group under the supervision of Dr. Gráinne Hargaden (School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT Kevin St.) and Dr. Brendan Duffy (CREST Centre Manager) on the development of novel magnetic nanoparticles and study their application as catalysts, in medicine as drug delivery agents and trigger release coatings for medical devices.

Presently she is working on synthesis of organic compounds with potential anti cancer and anti bacterial activity.

Research Interests

Organic, Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry, Nanomedicine, Materials Science




+353 (0)1 402 7916

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